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DigiDoula is bringing Postpartum care to the 21st century! More than just helping parents connect with birth workers, the app serves as a social platform that recognizes the care parents require and offers a space where every concern is relevant, and every thought worth the discussion. With DigiDoula, find your voice, and find the physical and emotional support you need.


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Baby Tracker

Birth-workers and Parents can both track your newborns feedings, diapers, and sleep.


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Hire services which are automatically updated to your digital calendar.


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Why Choose DigiDoula?

After you’ve experienced DigiDoula, you’ll wonder how you lived without it.

For Parents: DigiDoula is designed to offer the best support to expecting parents, and parents going through the postpartum experience. We combine the utility of a baby tracker with a social platform offers newborn education and advice, a chance to connect and socialize, and most importantly connections to the valuable care you deserve. At DigiDoula your experience is valid and all concerns are taken seriously. The benefit of a community is that as the network grows there will always be someone who is listening and may have information and stories to share that help you gain the confidence to seek support.

For Birthworkers: Digidoula provides lead generation with a unique location-based newsfeed so local parents see your services front and center. Additionally, our baby tracker solves the problem of morning reports because we allow parents to link provider and parent accounts so entries automatically populate in their account. No more screenshots!

For Businesses: Whether you are For-Profit or Non-profit, we provide streamlined administration of services and decreased advertising and client acquisition costs. We anticipate being THE way for parents to learn about, locate, and pay for services. We will catalogue your services and put them in front of parents who need them.

Listen. Affirm. Share. Support.

Part of finding the ultimate support is to share and receive experiences. Parents with similar accounts not only help you affirm what your heart is already feeling which a busy healthcare institution cannot detect.

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    Socialize with the DigiDoula community by posting pictures and thoughts.

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    Find health news, advice and tips from both parents, and birth workers.

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    You can search for birth workers suited to your exact needs according to their listed experience and references.


Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about our services?

We like to think of ourselves as your digital Doula because we offer educational, physical, and emotional support to new parents just like the doulas in your community. Our newsfeed educates new parents about local services and what’s happening with their new postpartum body and their babies development. We link you to physical service providers like massage therapists and birthworkers who can help you rest, heal, and recover. We provide emotional support through linking you to local mental health professionals as well as local events and groups to prevent the isolation that so many new parents feel, especially in a pandemic which has taken away so much of our usual village of support.
No! Our newsfeed offers links to many services, including doulas, but also massage, acupuncture, locations of diaper banks, as well as education about what you will experience postpartum.

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